Rewarded contemporary circus, dance and object theatre

"Danish Arts Foundation - Film and Performing Arts has chosen to reward Quiproquo - a poetic contemporary circus performance with Samuel Gustavsson and Niclas Stureberg. The show moves elegantly and easily through many worlds. It is philosophical, mathematical, poetic, humorous,
deeply human and at the same time very exclusive. The show gives the audience the greatest gift of live theater - Quiproquo makes us wonder. Thank you!" 
Danish Arts Foundation - Film and Performing Arts

“Surprising, refined and entertaining. Two equilibristic performers and jugglers perform imagiative scenes with bricks, sticks and a silver ball, and it is done with exquisit, graceful movement qualities - playfully easy and elegant”. Vibeke Wern, Danstidningen

Can people be manipulated to perform actions they would not have chosen to do themselves? Does the free will exist? QUIPROQUO sets out on a quest to find the answers to these ques- tions and more.

QUIPROQUO is created by and starring the performers Samuel Gustavsson and Niclas Stureberg, who both draw upon their strong backgrounds in the world of circus and use it in the universe of dance. Using body improvisations and a string of objects they have created a subtle fusion between the theatrical stage image and the equilibrium of juggling.

With and by: Samuel Gustavsson and Niclas Stureberg. 
Director: Mads Rosenbeck. 
Composer/Music: Sture Ericson. 
Set Design/Costume Design: Signe Beckmann.
Light/Sound: Tobias Stål. 

Premiered March 2011
Touring 2012-2014


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Created by:


Samuel Gustavsson (S/DK). Graduated in 1998 from circus school in Sweden. Toured atound the globe with Cirkus Cirkör 1998-2005. Since then he has worked on several projects with different circus, dance and theatre companies, with among others, Kitt Johnson´s X-Act, Cantabile 2 and the Royal Dramatic theatre in Stockholm.


Niclas Stureberg (S) is a selftaught juggler, dancer and choreographer. He’s been working since 1996 with the swedish new circus company Cirkus Cirkör in several of their shows and events. Dancer in the piece “Noodles” with Adekwhat/Philippe Blanchard. Co-founded new circus company Idiot Savant “White Men”. Recently seen dancing in “Beckett Beer and Cigarettes” by German choreographer Felix Bürkle.


Mads Rosenbeck (DK/FR) studied in a danish traditionel circus and later Centre National des Arts du Cirque in France (1989-94).

Occupied with a search in non discouvered areas of juggling and the role of fundamental comedy in new-cirkus. Toured with Cirque Pocheros ,Cie Jérôme Thomas, Cie Cirque, Director/consultant for Cie A&O - ‘KaO’ , Cirque du Dr Paradi - ‘T’as fermé grand porte…’


Optaget i garantiordningen for turnerende teater for voksne i sæson 2010/2011 og 2011/2012.

Quiproquo is a part of the e-Mix European Network for the promotion and profiling of Visual Theatre

Production support: Kunstrådets Scenekunstudvalg, Konstnärsnämnden, Danmarks Nationalbanks jubilæumsfond af 1968, Dansk Artist Forbund, Københavns Scenekunstudvalg, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden. Residencies: Forsøgsstationen, Laboratoriescenen, Chateau de Monthelon.

RAPID EYE c/o S.Gustavsson Ærøvej 2 st th 2000 Frederiksberg Denmark +45 27340800 info[a]rapideye.dk CVR: 32818609 ©All Rights Reserved Photo: Maria Laub, Marcus Hofmann, Reimar Juul, Tobias Fisher
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