People in past and present productions

Samuel Gustavsson (S/DK). "Night For One", "Quiproquo", "Chord" .Graduated in 1998 from circus school in Sweden. Toured atound the globe with Cirkus Cirkör 1998-2005. Since then he has worked on several projects with different circus, dance and theatre companies, with among others, Kitt Johnson´s X-Act, Cantabile 2 and the Royal Dramatic theatre in Stockholm. Rapid Eye was started on the initiativ of Samuel in 2010. 

Niclas Stureberg (S) "Quiproquo". Niclas is a selftaught juggler, dancer and choreographer. He’s been working since 1996 with the swedish new circus company Cirkus Cirkör in several of their shows and events. Dancer in the piece “Noodles” with Adekwhat/Philippe Blanchard. Co-founded new circus company Idiot Savant “White Men”. Recently seen dancing in “Beckett Beer and Cigarettes” by German choreographer Felix Bürkle.

Mads Rosenbeck (DK/FR) "Quiproquo". He studied in a danish traditionel circus and later Centre National des Arts du Cirque in France (1989-94). Occupied with a search in non discouvered areas of juggling and the role of fundamental comedy in new-cirkus. Toured with Cirque Pocheros ,Cie Jérôme Thomas, Cie Cirque, Director/consultant for Cie A&O - ‘KaO’ , Cirque du Dr Paradi - ‘T’as fermé grand porte…’

Sture Ericson (S/DK) "Quiproquo". Composer and performing musician. Educated at The Music Conservatory of Gothenburg. For many years Sture Ericson has also been part of the international scene for experimental improvised music and has as such toured in Europe and North America.

Tobias Stål (S) "Quiproquo", "Chord". Tobias is a light, sound and video artists, whom have worked internationally with performing arts most of his life. He is educated in Conservatory of Piteå and VGIK in Moscow.

Signe Beckmann (DK/UK) "Night For One", "Quiproquo" "Chord". Signe works in theatre, dance and on screen. She studied fashion and productiondesign at the Danish design School followed by theatre design at Motley Theatre Design Course.

Viktoria Dalborg (S) "Chord" Is working as a circus director, artist, and project manager. She studied at The commedia school in Copenhagen, Scenstudion in Stockholm and Auto Pilots / Circus Cirkör. Viktoria has directed and produced several productions in circus and theater primarily through Kompani Giraffe. As an aerialist and actress Victoria has worked at the Riksteatern, Göteborg stadsteater, Betty Nansen Teatret, Stockholm Stadsteater and Orioteatern.

Nina Åkerlund (S) "Chord" Nina is born 1976 in Umeå in the north of Sweden, is a performer trained in mime, modern dance, acting and performance art. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Acting from the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.
Samuel Gustavsson night for one
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